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We know you have questions. Below we will solve the most common ones and the ones we receive most frequently.

I can’t access my results, what should I do?2021-03-11T23:08:35+00:00

Only in the event that the test has already been performed and you can not access your results or have any problems related to the results of your test, you can call us at the following phone number: 616 376 813 or email


How can I access my result?2021-03-11T23:09:48+00:00

The results are uploaded to our website in the Home section, in the tab Access Results:

Your access information will be as follows: Username will be your DNI with capital letter and the key or password the identification number of your analysis, which will be delivered to you in the laboratory.

Can I take a test on the weekend?2021-03-11T23:10:26+00:00

On weekends we remain closed, check our schedule to book your appointment. These days only submissions of outstanding results are made.

Is the PCR test valid for flights? and are the results delivered in English?2021-03-11T23:11:36+00:00

Yes. PCR tests are fully valid for international travel and equivalent to a fit to fly certificate. Our tests have double certification: CE of the European community and FDA of the USA.

Results will always be delivered in both Spanish and English.

When will I get the results from an regular non express PCR if I book it on a friday?2021-04-21T12:22:49+00:00

If a PCR test is taken on Friday before 15:00 hours, the results will be obtained on Saturday around 16:00 hours.

We guarantee this period as long as there are no causes of force majeure.


When Will I receive the results of my urgent PCR?2021-04-21T12:24:05+00:00

Results from urgent PCRs will be available on the same day of the Test at around 20:00 hours.

We guarantee this period as long as there are no causes of force majeure.

When will I receive the results of my PCR test?2021-04-21T12:25:13+00:00

If the test is performed any day of the week (except Friday), you can check the result around 16:00 hours the next day .

We guarantee this period as long as there are no causes of force majeure.

What is the price of testing?2021-03-11T23:14:30+00:00

The price of the tests varies depending on the type of test you need. Check our rates at

What kind of test is needed to travel?2021-03-11T23:15:15+00:00

Depending on the country or region you are traveling to, different tests are required with different times in advance based on your regulations. We cannot take responsibility for the changes in regulation of each government in its Foreign Policy against the Covid – 19, these regulations are changed almost weekly, so we recommend to confirm and to be informed of every regulation in the country of destination and of origin, and also check with your with your airline or travel agency, to know the type of test they need and the advance notice required.

How can I book my Tests?2021-03-11T23:16:16+00:00

To make your booking follow the online form where you can choose the time of your appointment up to 6 hours in advance on the same day. Here you can book your appointment:

What is the exact address of the center?2021-06-17T17:34:32+00:00

Our main laboratory is located in Hospital de la VOT (Venerable Orden Tercera de San Francisco de Asís) C/ San Bernabé 13, 28005, Madrid (España).

You can also find us in Centro Médico la UECA (outsourced center) C/ Hortaleza 65, 28005, Madrid (España)

Select the clinic that best suits your needs at the time of the booking.

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