Terms of Use and service provision

This document establishes and regulates the conditions, rights and obligations that users of the service and the service provider have and assume.

They are parties to it, the provider of the intermediation service, EUROPA AMÉRICA LABORATORIOS SL, with address in Madrid, at Calle del Poeta Joan Maragall 58, 28020 Madrid and holder of the CIF B87078127 and the user who, with the conditions that will be said and by the means and systems established in this website, acquires any of the services that this makes available.

However and given the special nature of the products and services that EUROPA AMÉRICA LABORATORIOS SL. makes available to the users, it will be a prerequisite and essential for its procurement or contracting the user declares truthfully be of legal age or, in your case, which meet the conditions to be bound with respect to the minor or incapable subject to their liability to those who buy the product or service and, in any case, in the understanding that neither EUROPE AMERICA LABS SL. as an intermediary, neither the ultimate service provider nor the entities that perform the sample extractions, will attend to minors or incapacitated who are not accompanied by their parents or guardians.

Any false or inveraces the user to perform relating to their ability to recruit on behalf of itself or third parties or a minor or incapable in respect of which do not meet the condition of parent or guardian will result in the cancellation of the service without the right to claim the refund of the amount of the price actually paid for prior to it always and in any case that has been initiated by EUROPE, AMERICA LABS SL any act aimed at the provision of the service, and although this had not been completed. In any case it will be subject to the responsibilities that, of any nature, derive from the lack of conscious veracity in the data it provides.

EUROPE AMERICA LABORATORIES ltd has signed agreements in place with providers last of the service contracted, that is, those who perform the acts clinical removing or taking of samples of body fluids or excretions susceptible clinical analysis and those who are subjected to analysis for the purposes of correct provision of the contracted service.

Of the provision of the service.
EUROPE AMERICA LABORATORIOS SL. makes available to the users through your website https://pcrmadrid.com (or whatever the name which in the future may receive) or via the apps for smartphones or electronic tablets of their ownership of the recruitment test and clinical analysis for the detection of the involvement by SARS – CoV-2, commonly known as COVID19, and it does this by means of the organize of interests of its users and by the criteria of high-volume to allow the provision of the service at prices lower than common market.

At EA Laboratorios we have double certification in all our tests (CE and FDA) and we offer fully valid PCR tests to travel anywhere in the world.

*Please contact your airline or the official website of the government of the destination country to confirm the conditions of your trip.

The results will always be delivered in both Spanish and English. (see Terms of service here).

You can also request the home testing service, through this link.

Book your appointments through the form below(you can book more than one Test by clicking book more).EUROPA AMÉRICA LABORATORIOS SL, has established the deadlines and approximate times of delivery and making available all the tests cited in this website and has provided all the necessary means for the rigorous compliance thereof. All our tests will be carried out in the agreed time as long as there are no causes of force majeure (an unpredictable and inevitable circumstance that alters the conditions of the obligation) .
Europa América Laboratorios SL is not responsible in any case for the consequences derived from the non-delivery or a late delivery of the results.

For these purposes the user may contract any of the following services:

PCR Test. Genetic study of samples obtained by naso and oropharyngeal swab for the detection of specific genes of the pathogenic viral strain SARS-COV-2 by means of appropriate techniques for this purpose.

The delivery or making available of the test results will occur no later than the next working day of the naso-pharyngeal swab.

In the case of inconclusive results that are not frequent but if possible according to the current state of the art, it will be necessary to perform the analysis again by a sample amplification system for greater certainty and security in the result, a circumstance that will necessarily extend the delivery time.

Serological/Antibody Test. IgM / IgG antibody Test. Analysis of venous blood for the detection and counting of antibodies with Elisa and immunochemioluminescence techniques.

The delivery or making available to the user of the result will take place usually within one business day from obtaining the sample, and on certain occasions, the two business days, except in situations of results inconclusive in which to be necessary additional techniques may be extended for one more day, that is, to within a maximum of three business days from the obtaining of the sample.

Antigen Test. Through a nasopharyngeal sample we detect the presence of the antigen, which is a protein found on the surface of the virus. The specificity of these tests is 97.8%, however, if there are symptoms, a negative result does not exempt from COVID-19 infection and must be confirmed with a PCR or serology for the detection of IGM antibodies. The delivery or making available to the user of the result will take place usually within one business day from obtaining the sample, and on certain occasions, the two business days, except in situations of results inconclusive in which to be necessary additional techniques may be extended for one more day, that is, to within a maximum of three business days from the obtaining of the sample.

Express Test. Rapid immunochromatographic lateral flow test (rapid test) for qualitative detection of IgG and IgM antibodies, separately, for SARS-Cov-2. The delivery or making available to the user of the result will take place usually within one business day from obtaining the sample, and on certain occasions, the two business days, except in situations of results inconclusive in which to be necessary additional techniques may be extended for one more day, that is, to within a maximum of three business days from the obtaining of the sample.

Urgent PCR Test. The PCR test by the urgent procedure of the laboratory.
The urgent PCR test is the same genetic analysis of COVID-19 as the normal PCR test, which allows to confirm or rule out the presence of the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) safely, through a specific reaction of sensitive detection of the virus but with a special procedure to ensure the results in the shortest possible period.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Samples-schedule of appointments for sampling – Monday to Friday (non-holidays) from 8:30 to 10:30 (only made in this morning time)
  • Results – the same as the day of the test(approximately 12 hours from the test). We guarantee this period provided that there are no causes of force majeure (an unpredictable and inevitable circumstance that alters the conditions of the obligation) . The results will be delivered on the same day about 12 hours later from the taking of the test.
  • Description-due to the demand of the users, from EA Laboratorios we have created a procedure to generate appointments for the PCR test urgently every day from 08:30 to 10:30 guaranteeing the delivery of the results provided that there are no causes of force majeure (accidental, meteorological or other causes) the sampling will be done in the early morning of the working days from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 10:30 with a simple swab in the nose or throat of the patient. Although the removal of the nasopharyngeal sample is a simple procedure, it is important that it be performed by qualified medical personnel, since the correct operation of the test depends on the quality of the sample.

As a result, it assumes EUROPA AMÉRICA LABORATORIOS SL. the obligations of the act and intermediary services and as owner of the platform on which you receive the necessary data from the user to the contracting of the service, to transmit the necessary data to providers last of the service, to cite and the emplacement of the user at the place, date and time of sampling or extraction, to receive from the laboratory analysis, with due guarantees of security and confidentiality, certifying the result of the analysis or test, and the delivery and provision of the same to the user, by the forms that are expressed below.

The user may contract, at his choice, one or more of the aforementioned services at the price listed in each of them. The price referred is final price, including taxes.

For this purpose the system during the contracting process will require you to enter mandatory data such as name and surname, DNI/NIE, email, contact phone and full address. These data are necessary for the purposes of the contracted service and without them the contract can not be completed.

EUROPA AMÉRICA LABORATORIOS SL will necessarily transfer these data to the entity in charge of obtaining samples and to the laboratory in charge of the treatment and analysis of the samples and, all this, because such transfer of data is essential for the correct provision of the service and therefore necessary to meet the public health standards.

Once the contracted service has been selected and the payment made for it by electronic means, the system will return a key or registration number that the user must keep and, also, the address and time where the user must appear for the purposes of undergoing sampling by swabbing or blood extraction techniques.

Body samples, extractions and any other analogues shall always and in any case be carried out in an authorized establishment that meets all technical, legal, clinical and sanitary requirements and shall be carried out by health personnel duly qualified for the professional realization of such techniques.

It is expressly indicated that any collection of body samples either by extractions or by any other technique will always and in any case require the consent of the interested party prior to full information of the effects of their consent and the purpose of the collection, the conservation of the data or any subsequent analysis or clinical techniques to be performed.

For these purposes it is stated that the extraction or taking of samples has the sole purpose of submitting them to the appropriate studies, trials and clinical analysis by qualified laboratory for the purpose of issuing a certificate whose content will depend on the type of analysis contracted through the application of the techniques that have been defined above.

By the act of contracting the service the user consents to the extraction or taking of samples, the delivery of them to the laboratory in charge of the analysis and the realization of the analyzes, trials and clinical studies subject to contracting. In no case will the body samples be subjected to different study, nor will they be given any other purpose and will be kept, maintained or destroyed for the time and in the manner prevented in the laws.

The absence of the user at the time and place to which it had been convened for the taking of samples, or extractions, or the appearance of the same without the documentation to prove their identity, can lead to the discretion of the service provider extractions or sampling is cancelled, and may set a new date for the removal or taking of samples. In no case shall it give the right to claim refunds or to demand any kind of compensation.

In any case, the lack of removing or taking of samples for causes not attributable to the service provider of such service, and that will prevent the provision of the service to test or analysis hired will not generate more obligation to EUROPE, AMERICA LABS SL L., the re-quote, just an additional chance to the user to a new sampling or extraction and completion of the analysis contracted derived from the same.

Verified that the extraction of the aforementioned samples will be made available, with the due guarantees, a laboratory that meets each and every one of the legal requirements and technical capabilities for the performance of analysis by means of the contracted techniques.

After the analysis by the laboratory this will issue certification of the conclusive result of the tests carried out that the user will receive from EUROPA AMÉRICA LABORATORIOS SL., within the contracted period, by email at the email address indicated in the contracting process and/or that will be made available to the same in the area enabled for the purpose of the website https://pcrmadrid.com application for smartphone or electronic tablet, by entering the key or registration number that you receive during the contracting process. The user is responsible for the custody and conservation of the key or registration number, being under his sole responsibility to do so in safe conditions.

For these purposes it expressly states that in the event that the results of any of the tests were positive in Covid-19, the clinical laboratory, in compliance with current regulations, must make an urgent mandatory declaration to the public health epidemiological surveillance services of the CCAA, in order to apply the public health protocols of the Ministry of Health.

In the same way it is expressly warned that in such cases of positive result in COVID19 the user has the legal obligation to contact urgently with the Public Health Services in order to receive and follow the instructions that, in matters of prevention and public health, they have.

In the event that the contracting of the service is done by companies or entities for the benefit and interest of their employees or dependent personnel, their administrators or, in general, any natural person in whose interest the contracting is carried out, the following is expressly warned:

That Europe America laboratories SL. it will not deliver in any case of certification, test result, clinical analysis and, in general, any clinical, medical or health data to the company or entity that hires them in their interest.

These results will be delivered, by the means expressed above, solely and exclusively to the interested party himself, being understood as such to which he has submitted to the analytical techniques object of the provision of the service.

However, in the act of delivery of the result will be advised to the interested party in writing that, in accordance with the content of the Report 0017/2020 of the Agency of Protection of Data and in the current health situation resulting from COVID19, the private interests relating to their personal data to cede opposite the general interest of public health, so you have the obligation to communicate to the employer or company suspected of contact with the new coronavirus in order to safeguard their own health and the health of other workers in the workplace, and to be able to adopt the appropriate measures, in the understanding that for the aforementioned communication to the company or employer it will be sufficient for them to have knowledge of the fact of the involvement of the interested party of COVID 19, without that company or employer must have knowledge or access to medical reports or any means of diagnosis, among which are included the results of the tests that constitute

In no case assumes Europe America LABORATORIOS SL. the final providers of the service, any obligation of interpretation or optional study of the certificates or results of the analyzes that it delivers, nor that of prescribing treatments or any other medical, sanitary or clinical Act, ending its service by delivering or making available them to the user.

Cancellations or returns

In principle you can change the appointments prior notice before the time of the take but the conditions of cancellation of the same are as follows:

  • If the cancellation occurs at least 24 hours in advance, we will send you a full refund of the trial except 5€ management.
  • In the event that it is not notified before 24 hours of the appointment to cancel or change the appointment before and does not appear at the agreed place at the time of the appointment, the user will lose all right to claim returns or to demand any kind of compensation.
    To communicate a cancellation or change of appointment it is necessary to contact citas@ealaboratorios.com .

If you are out of business hours, you must send an email to citas@ealaboratorios.com in advance of the appointment for confirmation.